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lolakitty , 05 Feb 2013

I severly pick my lips, thumbs, and scalps

I have been suffering from picking since I was 9 years old. It first started out as rubbing a certain spot in head until it was bald, then it escalated to rubbing my eyebrows almost completely off. Once they diagnosed me with A.D.D both of those stopped. Later on that year, the stress took a toll on me and thats when the lip picking began. At the age of thirteen, I was being bullied everyday and noticed my scalp was itchy, thats when I was diagnosed with psorasis. From then on I have been picking my lips and scalp. When I turn 20 I noticed that whenever I took a break from my lips and scalp, I would peel the skin off my thumbs with my fingers and teeth. Ever since then everything has escalated. I am now fixing to be 23 years old and I constantly have bloody lips, bloody thumbs, and a bloody scalp. Its even to the point where I take toenail clippers and clip all the skin around all of my nails and the big toe nail. Along with all of this self-mutilation, I have major panic attacks where I black out and lose feeling in my face. I can't even think straight if I'm not picking something. I even do it unconsciously and don't realize it until I have blood running down my chin or get blood all over my fingers and get it on objects. Is there anyone out there who has this exact problem like mine that is struggling or has been cured? Please help I'm desperately seeking help.

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