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radgrl79 , 06 Feb 2013

mirror prisoner

I can't get close enough to the mirror in my bathroom. If I could use a magnifying glass I would. Bobby pins and safety pins are my friends. I have been picking at my face since I was a little girl. Most people may consider my skin clear. When I look in the mirror, I see a community of black heads. I could spend an hour trying to get rid of them all. I hate the idea of them being there. By the time i'm through traumatizing my face I feel like I look like freddy kruger. I don't know how to stop because this is a part of my life. If it wasn't for concealer I'd never leave the house. I can't imagine a night free of the bathroom mirror. I get stuck in front of it every night. Is anyone else a prisoner of the mirror?
3 Answers
February 06, 2013
Oh yeah, it's all part of the routine. Once it becomes part of the habit, it is really hard to break. I have a side medicine cabinet with a mirror perpendicular to the main bathroom mirror, and whenever I'm up close to the main mirror I usually get lost in a trance before realizing im 1" away from the mirror...
February 07, 2013
If blackheads are your issue, have you trieed those Biore strips? They seem to work best, if you use hot water to open up your pores first. I wish that was all I had to worry about. I get the big painful breakouts.
The Naughty Se…
February 07, 2013
That's where I'd get stuck, too. I'd be fine but then if I looked in the mirror for any length of time I'd be there forever messing with my face. I've almost completely broken my habit, but I still get the urge. It's tough. One thing you have just got to get in your head is that no one, NO ONE, notices the things we notice when we look in the mirror. We are each our own cruelest judge. Cover up your mirror and go plain-face for a month. It'll help break your habit of standing in front of the mirror poking at your skin and making yourself feel like crap. In the meantime, if you really think you have a blackhead problem, DON'T use Biore strips, they can cause your pores to stay permanently huge and they don't really fix the blackhead problem anyway, they just yank them out so that more (bigger ones) can form. See a dermatologist, and find out what's causing the problem. It may be the products you're using now, if they dry your skin out. It may be you need to exfoliate once a week. With the derm's recommendations, invest in some nice, natural products.

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