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conniemarble , 07 Feb 2013

how i cleared up my facial acne & got rid of my spots

i have had acne since i was 9, i am 32 now.i have been picking my face for decades.the last time i had beautiful skin was when i was skin is almost perfect now(2 spots & 1 huge scab to go). this is how i did it i wash my face with regular soap(i'd recommend cetaphil like most but i am too cheap to buy it myself).i wash my hands every time before i touch my face, even when i want to pick.that gets rid of 50% of the acne. i wash it twice a day,then i use 10% benzoyl peroxide(never less than 10%) or "is clinical active serum". your face will peel a lot the 1st week of using 10% but it will also get rid of a lot of spots & pimples.the is clinical is REALLY expensive.i have used 2 bottles & my face is damn near perfect after decades of hiding behind makeup. every 3 days i use a foot scrub on my face,plus once a week a peel off mask to get rid of the spots. now i only get a couple of pimples with my period & i am picking less & less because there is nothing to pick i just bought a bottle of calamine lotion today to get rid of the scab.hopefully that will work
5 Answers
February 07, 2013
That sounds like a harsh treatment regiment. Does the peeling not drive you insane? I think I'd scatch my face off! This has been my problem. I want to heal my face, but it seems like treatments are either ineffective, or way too harsh. I have dry, sensitive skin. My face turns bright pink, even with stuff that is supposed to be formulated for sensitive skin. I breakout the worst along my jaw line, and I can't not pick at it. Washing my hands more sounds like a good idea, except that I will likely add that to my compulsive behaviors.
April 23, 2013
Acne is an embarrassing skin condition that affects many people, no matter what age they have. You have to treat acne in an early stage, because as much as time passes acne become more severe, located deeper within the skin and harder to treat.
May 21, 2013
ClearPores Acne Treatment - great results in quick time. this helped me reduce the signs of my acne in time for my brothers wedding!

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