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fiend , 11 Feb 2013

Scalp picking...

about a month ago, I started to pull my hair out.. one by one till i was bald on either side of my head.. I ended up just shaving my hair completely off cause it just looked so bad and I didnt want to pull anymore.. Shortly after I shaved my head I started to feel and pick and scratch at my scalp, and its just gotten worse, to where I have several sores and scabs and Im constantly feeling them to scratch and pick them off.. even though my scalp gets sore and raw and tender in those spots I still continue to do it.. I want to stop but I cant, I just keep picking scratching and feeling all the time.. Im seeing a therapist, my second appt is this Tuesday, she suggested I wear scarfs on my head and kept my hands busy so I wouldnt be tempted to pick and scratch.. Ive worn a scarf here and there.. but its rather uncomfortable and im not used to the feel of it.. the worst times for me to start picking and scratching at my scalp is at bedtime.. or when im playing my facebook games.. I dont even know why I do it, but I do.. I do have anxiety issues and depression, agoraphobia among a few other things as well... I cant work right now because of these issues... I guess Im hoping that there are others out there like me that I can talk to and relate with, this kinda thing makes a person feel kinda alone and sad.. I dont understand it really.. but Im trying to.. thankyou for reading..
2 Answers
February 13, 2013
My daughter, age 10, just started doing this, scalp picking, maybe over the past year, thats why Im here and more determined then ever to get help... My mom has been a split end picker and scalp digger for YEARS and I am a split end and finger picker... My younger daughter does what you do and my older daughter picks at her skin, on her back mostly. Its CRAZY!!! IT has to be genetic in my case... I try to hide it from my girls because I dont want them to have this but its too late... I actually pick at my split ends sometimes while driving, this is deadly and scary and has to stop.... I responded to your post though because as I said, my little girl does what you do...
June 04, 2013
yes; i am a scalp picker too... I also pull my hair out. hubby shaved my hair on 11/14/12 and now my hair is growing back all weird and i am still picking my 'ouchies' as i call them. it feels good when i pick them but then they hurt; but then it feels good and then they hurt; it is a never ending cycle... i try to wear hats but when the urges get bad; i just throw my hat on the floor and pick, pick, pick until my whole head is raw. i am trying to stop by i can't either

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