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rainbow_chick87 , 28 Feb 2009

I'm new here...and I need some help

I dont know whats wrong with me...I have been picking and eating scabs all my life. And not just that, I pull my hair out, bite off the skin around my fingers. No matter what I do I cant stop. I have sores on my scalp from the picking, & I'm going bald. I dont know what to do anymore, my g/f doesnt understand me & my family disowned me because I'm a lesbian. I'm out of options I have no one to talk to & I cant stop any of this. If I stop picking or biting I cut myself, so I'm screwed. I just want some help before its to late.
1 Answer
March 01, 2009
hey, welcome to the forum, please browse the other threads for many tips on how to avoid picking, also, i check at least once a day so if you need anything dont hesitate to ask me somewhere in this thread or in any other thread that im in

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