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little-love , 20 Feb 2013

Getting help with my picking - and getting better!

I have written on here before about my struggles with my dermatillomania and I was getting so sick and tired of hiding myself away and not being able to do the things I want in life as skin picking was holding me back. This year I finally decided to seek some professional help and stop once and for all. I went to my doctor to start off and he referred me to CBT, but after one group session I was told I would have to wait up to six months for individual sessions. This wasn't enough for me, so I told my university tutor and she advised I seek help from the uni counsellors and I am so glad I did. It was scary telling her, but she understood and didn't have that disgusted reaction we all fear. I am currently having counselling and it is making me realise a lot of things about the way I think about myself and how this affects my picking. My counsellor is helping me find the root of my problems and I am finding the more I talk, the less I want to pick. I hope to continue until my picking goes completely. It has given me a great deal of hope and I know that I can conquer this! I just want to give a bit of hope to you all and please talk to someone about it. It was the scariest thing I have ever had to do telling my boyfriend and my teacher, but it is totally worth it. I am feeling extremely positive right now :)
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February 21, 2013
This is truly inspiring. I'm really proud of you. I didn't pick all through winter break and I had not been more satisfied with myself. Once school started up, however, things changed. I hope I can get back to determination, and to the point you are at today. Keep sharing your positive moments!
March 06, 2013

In reply to by Lily19

Thanks for all your support! Just thought I would update on how it is all going..... So I had good news this week, that I have reached the top of the list for cognitive behavioural therapy, so I feel like this combined with my counselling will help me a lot. I have noticed that my picking has subsided a lot. I still pick a bit, but nowhere near the extent I was previously and I think it is because I am actually beginning to think I am worth something after counsellor is very supportive and each time I talk to her, I feel better about myself. I find that she has helped me to sort out my thoughts and even when I am on my own, I now have the strength to say to myself 'RIGHT, lets do something constructive about this, because you are a strong person.' She has helped me believe in myself, when I was so close to just giving up and I am now more determined than ever to pick myself up and make something of my life. I know I can do this! I see a lot of people talking on here about covering up mirrors and stuff, but I personally don't think that is a good idea. I find it better to face up to them and fight the temptation. But I think the picking always comes from a lot deeper problems than not liking a spot on your face. It is about the way we feel inside manifesting itself on our skin-wanting to be noticed and helped. I am starting to understand why I do it and I think I am kinda starting to lie myself! :0) I would urge anyone going through Dermatillomania to seek help. I t has helped me a lot!
February 21, 2013
hi little-love! I also recently started CBT for my picking a couple weeks ago. It was really hard to start talking to someone, especially since I have kept it a secret from seriously everyone I having that weekly session gives me a boost and I pick less after our session at least for a couple days. Still definitely have a long road to go...I broke down when my counselor explained all the possible triggers (realizing almost all of them applied to me). But after releasing all that pent-up emotion and stress, I was better focused to start taking some baby steps. This is been over ten years of picking for me, definitely not something that will stop overnight. Best of luck with your counseling sessions!
February 21, 2013
I'm glad to hear that you're getting help and that it's working. Good for you! Keep it up.

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