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fifi scabs , 25 Feb 2013

28 instead of thinking about a tattoo..has anyone ever done that?

im at the point where 15+ year scars are heal but visible. I feel its to late for me to stop,damage is done. stress and worry are constant factors of my life, but I think if I cover the damage on both arm and my breasts.. Id feel a lot better about my self. I just started wearing shorts to work.. but I don't wear anything sleeveless.. I NEED HELP.! UGHH
9 Answers
fifi scabs
February 25, 2013
June 11, 2013
I've TOTALLY contemplated getting tattoos to cover up my scars.. but i haven't done any research about it, and i'm not sure it would be the best idea. I have even created this alter-persona where i'm a badass girl with half-sleeves and piercings, and i think that would be awesome because my scars would be covered up, but in reality i don't think i'd actually go through with it. and my hope is that i'll be able to wear my scars proudly someday, granted they aren't too noticeable :/ i have probably thought of all the extremes, such as laser scar repair surgery, filling scars with silicone (its a thing), and all of the drastic measures. The only thing I've found that can help to cosmetically cover up scars (and also temporarily) is makeup, and spray tanning, which actually helps quite a bit. Did you ever go through with getting the tattoo?
June 13, 2013

In reply to by thebeautifulugly

I feel the same and actually know of a few of these girls. I look at them and think - no. That is not me. When I look at the pretty milky skin of a blemish-free redhead , that is what I dream of. I have never tried spray tanning. What do you use? Can I tan underneath it? I will be looking into it, thanks for bringing it up. I've tried wearing mine proudly. Society is always there to let you know your pride is false. Yet if you are covered in ink - many more people accept you in many more ways. Isn't that interesting?
fifi scabs
June 12, 2013
Hey guys.. nah I didn't get the tattoos.the dermatologist told me its not worth it.hey what a derma Roller
June 12, 2013

In reply to by fifi scabs

I was doing a bit of research to find something to strengthen the skin on my face and I came across the derma roller. It's a little roller that has lots of fine needles/pins that prick your skin when you roll over it. You find that the skin wants to repair itself/collagen stimulation, and apparently really good for reduction of acne scarring and stretch marks. I'm looking at the different brands on roller to by at the moment. I recommend you research it and see if it could help you. Even watch some YouTube videos on it.
fifi scabs
June 12, 2013
YESSSSS winter is the worst for me.. I also hate being greasy in bed

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