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ohhisee , 27 Feb 2013

Self-worth and skin picking

I hate to be that person who only checks in when they need support and not doing the same in return! I just looked back to my one and only other post. I was in a really dark place then. It still catches me off guard at how intertwined skin picking is with other things, depression and anxiety for one. I have not kicked the habit entirely, but I have stopped (for the most part) in major areas such as my chest and face. What I've found that works is, during a picking session, try and snap yourself out of it. For me, it is so robotic and automatic which is probably why I do it. For an instant, I'm not in my head because I'm so focused on picking. Instead I've been focusing my energy on repairing these areas - exfoliating and moisturizing (palmers cocoa butter!!!) That being said, I'm still really struggling. I'm actually moving to the UK next week and the stress has set off my anxiety, and picking. And when I pick, I really struggle with my self worth. My biggest picking area is my bikini line right now - honestly it looks like a minefield. The shame I feel right now is slightly overwhelming. I don't quite know what I'm looking for, any words of wisdom and support would be so so appreciated I can't even tell you! I know there is a light at the end of the tunnel least I think I know.
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February 27, 2013
You are so right, how picking is intertwined with feelings of bad self-worth. This past weekend I went home from college. My family knows I pick, and saw how utterly horrible it had gotten, and offered the alternative of seeing a doctor for aniexty and depression. It was a real low for me. When I returned to school, I vowed to try my hardest to find some self-worth in myself and stop picking. I'm two days pick free( I don't like counting days, but it's a huge victory for me) and I'm starting to remember how good it feels to not pick. I smiled for the sake of a smile today. Have you tried Calamine lotion? I've heard it's good for healing wounds. Maybe try a bit each night before you go to the UK and see if it helps. You deserve to have fun there!

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