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Bug , 27 Feb 2013

What to say when people ask

I know i'm not the only one who comes up short when people ask about my skin problems. Do you all just come out and tell people, or do you freeze in the spot too. When people notice my bright red fingertips they usually ask "whats wrong with your hands?" In which I usually come up with a lame excuse of "oh they've always been this way". What wlse are you supposed to say?!
2 Answers
March 01, 2013
I have had the same problem. The thing is, most people do not understand what it is like. I have only been able to share what I am going through with two people in my life - my mom and my sister. If I pick at my fingers, I usually have a bandaid on, and I just make something up (like I cut myself). I have some bad scars in different places on my body as a result of picking. One is on my hand and people ask about it. I make up something, like that I burned myself while cooking. I feel very embarrassed about this one. How are you supposed to avoid people seeing your hands? I try to hide them as much as possible. I think it is a little insensitive when people ask what is wrong with your hands, but the truth is that most people cannot understand why we would do this to ourselves. I find it easier to make up excuses, and then to confide in the people I trust who DO understand.
March 13, 2013
if someone dares asking about my face I'll blush a lot and answer that it is an allergic reaction and quickly change subject :X

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