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ippyy6 , 27 Feb 2013

I can't fight the urge

Hey everybody! It's great to know I am not alone. I am 18 years old. I don't have bad acne at all. But when I break out, I usually make it worse than it was... I pick at an blemish, bump, or anything on my face. Standing at the mirror for hours, as close as possible, nose up against the mirror. I know what I am doing is wrong. But for some reason I think using a needle, tweezers, or picking will make it all better. It obviously doesn't. When I do pick, and cover it up and have to go to school, I feel like everybody stares at me... I also don't know how to tell my mom without being lectured about how she told me not to do it. Recently I picked at my skin on my chin right under my lip. Every night I apply neosporin or vaseline, and I also heard apple cider vinegar would prevent scarring. So far I have been lucky where my picking has not left scarring. However, I feel like this area I picked recently is starting to form a bump. What can I do to prevent it from forming a raised scar. Please help!
1 Answer
February 28, 2013
Recently Ive been using Calamine lotion on my face on wounds and scabs. It has been working really good. Walgreens sells it. Just put it on for an hour, maybe 3 layers, and then rinse off and put lotion on it. Hopefully that idea helps!

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