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Abi , 01 Mar 2013

Water/Sweat proof cover up?

I am a bridesmaid in my brother's wedding in October and my arms are covered in scars from picking. Does anyone know of a cover up that won't rub off on my gown? I was thinking of just completely covering my arms so that they look even. Either that or they will probably end up having to pay their photographer to photoshop all my scars out of the pictures.
3 Answers
March 02, 2013
I use a brand called DERMABLEND when I have some tough marks to cover up.. there's actually a whole line for face and body.. (to cover up bodily tattoos, etc..) It's basiclaly a thick concealer and comes in MANY shades, so you should be able to find a shade that works for you. They sell it at Ulta beauty stores, and online as well, if you google it. Another one you may want to try is Kat Von D's. (the tatoo artist) She has a makeup line out, and part of her makeup line, includes a concealing foundation.. maybe for body too? Not sure, but they do sell it at Sephora stores! Hope you can check these 2 lines out, because they're the best Ive found..
March 02, 2013

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Thank you so much. I will have to get there before the wedding. I will wait until like the end of September though so it matches any sun that I acquire over the summer (which won't be much because I avoid the sun).
March 02, 2013
Here is a link to learn a little more about the the Tattoo makeup.. (if its good for should be just as good for any body marks) how-to-apply-kat-von-d-tattoo-concealer and one for Dermablend-

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