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GreekNeptune , 01 Mar 2009


I know for a fact I have acne excoriee, and I want to get help but it's not the best time for me at the moment. I will get help soon as I have the chance to so. I often think about quitting with the picking, as I am sure most of us suffering from this are. I can never get myself to do so, but the bigger issue for me, I don't know about you guys, is the question about getting rid of the scars after all the picking. Has anyone here found a treatment that gets rid of the scars of acne excoriee? I really think that if I got rid of the scars, then it would be easier (I HOPE) for me to stop pocking at my skin. If anyone has any information about removing scars, (WITHOUT DRASTIC MEASURES SUCH AS SURGERY) I would REALLY appreciate the info. Oh right, almost forgot, I am new to the forum.

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