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Lily19 , 02 Mar 2013

Day 5 No Pick

Just an update! Here I am, at day 5 with no picking. It has been a really great day with little or no thought given to my face. My scabs are healing faster than when I pick them off. Surprise! what everyone has been telling us is true, haha. It's just the will to actually do it that's the hard part. A little word of advice I can say from today - open up. Share your success with others. And if you have no close person to do that with, try here. Luckily my roommate understands and I've even shared Calamine lotion with her to help with her mild picking. But most importantly...reward yourself. I told myself if I didn't pick for 5 days, I'd allow myself a pair of new sunglasses. They are really cool, by the way :) Assessing and realizing your own accomplishments, over trying to change your skin just to please the eyes of others is key. For those of you reading this post before my other ones, 2 key steps: Calamine lotion and band aids on fingers. Try it! Good luck all.
3 Answers
March 02, 2013
Dear you, it's so nice to read your positive comment! Well done! :) Remember: weekend are often a challenge, and especially if you mix alchohol imot the picture. Stat mindful and attentive towards yourself, and keep up the good work! :)
March 02, 2013
Wow, congrats! Only two more days and it'll be a whole week. I'll have to try that :)
March 03, 2013
Thank you guys :) It means a lot that people are reading these and seeing them as hopeful.

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