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Lily19 , 03 Mar 2013

Day 6 no pick

Wow. I can't believe I'm here. As mentioned before, I'm not a day counter. I don't like the "I won't pick for such and such days" because when you fail, it hurts so much. A 24 hour period is a realistic goal, and one I wake up with every morning. It's crazy, but I'm a different person then I was 6 days ago. I laugh more. I smile more. I work harder and spend much more time outside of my dorm room. And I'm glad I'm here. I keep posting these because I want you all to know it is possible. Could I relapse? Any moment. Will I? Most likely. But I have to realize that, and be okay with it. Take it as a step on this extremely tall ladder. So my main message today is to embrace failing as part of the course. It's not the title, it does not define you, but it is a part of you. And as for specifics, I'll leave you with my 2 key words: Calamine lotion, and band aids. Actually, add one more: Living.

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