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paxson , 04 Mar 2013

Scalp picking

Last July my mom was ill and I went to care for her. That is when I started picking my scalp. After a while I realized I had a bald spot on my head about the size of a silver dollar. I went to the dermatologist, he said I had Actinic Keratosis. He preformed Electrosurgery on my scalp, for few days I didn't pick at it, little by little I started it again and the Actinic Keratosis came back. It is a rough spot that has raised bumps that I pick, surprising they never bleed. I am afraid I am going to end up bald! It is embarrassing when I go to the hair dresser. My friends are always telling me to quit picking my head. I read in Allure about picking, I never knew there was a name for it or any help. I checked, I live in Indiana and there is no one here to help me. If anything can help, I am all ears!

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