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ahistoryofabuse , 05 Mar 2013

Keep scabs dry or moist??? also, e-matrix??

Hey! So I'm confused as to what to do with my scab. I'm pretty sure I heard somewhere that it's best to keep wounds moist, BUT if a hardened scab has already formed it's better to not keep it moist because the moisture makes it fall off sooner. Then I read online that dry scabs can cause more scarring. Arghh it's all so confusing. I don't mind red marks as much because I wear makeup all the time anyway. What I'm really concerned about are the indented scars. Right now I'm using calamine lotion on my marks. They were looking a lot better, especially this one on my neck that is indented and literally looks like a cigarette burn. They were starting to flatten out and get less red and everything and then I got stressed out about an exam and here I am back at square one ugh. I'm so mad at myself! The calamine was really helping, so I'm going to keep putting that on. Just any insight at all would be much appreciated. I REALLY don't want to have an indented scar on my neck. I already have a couple on my face which sucks enough. :( I've saved up to get an E-Matrix treatment but the lady told me that I should wait at least 6-12 months to use it on new scars. So I have to wait and then it might not even help! She says it will and I know some people that say it has helped with their indented scars in my CBT support group, but I also know this other girl who said it didn't do much for her. Ughh I'm so anxious. I'm in nursing school and instead of worrying about my exam I'm here worrying about my skin. So yeah any tips at all will help. I guess I'm just going to keep up with the calamine unless anyone else has a good suggestion. I've read a few posts on here where people claim the calamine was slowly helping with their indents. I hope that will be the case for me. Also if anyone has had E-Matrix and can give me feedback that'd be great. or suggestions of other lasers/plastic surgery would be great as well. Thank you! Big hugs to all! Hope you have a pick free day!!

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