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qwikthnkr , 05 Mar 2013

Can somebody tell me what's wrong with me.

I'm sure a lot of people preface their stories and struggles involving Dermatilliomania with "I know this is gross but..." So I can't help but say like many people, I know this is gross but I pick my skin a lot. and I usually eat it. that's the worst part. and I don't really know why, I kind of enjoy it. it's satisfying I guess. I try to find any kind of things to pick on my scalp, eye crust sometimes, usually my face because i'm acne prone and often have things to pick at on my face, though my acne's being treated and has gotten a lot better. My arms, legs, when I have in grown hair or bumps, my back, my chest, sometimes even my feet. I don't know why I do this all the time, discreetly at work, at home, in transit, around friends, I try to be really discreet and I sometimes wonder if anyone notices. I always picked my nose as a kid but I also used to just scratch my head a lot I haven't given myself any scabs from doing it really but Is what I'm describing Dermatilliomania?

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