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Lily19 , 06 Mar 2013

Day 9 No pick

This is for me. Not the number. Not my anticpating parents, who know I've been working hard to stop picking. Not for the friends around me, to keep smiling for them. These nine days have been the toughest, yet most rewarding since I've been at school. Thanks to a previous post, I'm beginning to see what I have accomplished is something I should be proud of. Not picking shouldn't be a duty, nor a job, which is what it has felt like since the first waves of excitement over not picking wore off. I know people may read this and think "9 days...what does this girl even have to complain about?," but I want people who take the initative to change their face and their lives to know it's always a challenge, even after the face is clear. But I also want you to know that it is doable and if you need support, I'm there for you. Keep working hard everyone out there. As we all know, "easy" is the polar oppostive of what we deal with daily. However, taking the initiative to better yourself is worth it, in every aspect. There is beauty in us. And I hope one day we will all see it.

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