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h_m_l18 , 07 Mar 2013


hi everyone, i'm 18 and have always had a problem with picking at blemishes on my face. acne, cuts, dry skin, anything. recently i had three small pimples and i picked all of them. two of them became very small red scabs, hardly noticeable if i put makeup on them. the other one, however, became this HUGE dime sized hole in my face. it looked infected so i went to the nurse. they actually thought i had some sort of skin disease called impetigo because of my scabs. they gave me an antibiotic ointment, which helped a little bit. the yellowish skin inside the dime-sized hole became really moist and i peeled it out. it's now basically an open wound and i'm putting neosporin on it. i'm wondering if that's enough to heal it? i figure it will probably leave a small pinkish circle no matter what i do, but i'm just wondering if neosporin is enough to heal the wound? please help! i'm so embarrassed i haven't left my room in four days!
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March 07, 2013
Calamine lotion has helped a lot of people on this site. I think it's worth shot for you!

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