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potatoes , 07 Mar 2013

I Think The Answer Is Castor Oil

I wish I discovered castor oil a long time ago, and understoond about the healing of the skin and scabs. Doing lots of online research, I found some information about the healing of a scab and its made me realise how we all inhabit the same type of skin. I think at times, some people pick including myself, is that somehow we feel our skin is just different or complicated than others. But everybody's skin heals the same if we leave it alone and let nature work it's way. Heck, we don't even need to pick and scrape at anything that we feel is untextured or shouldn't be there because skin, over time, will push its way upwards, pushing everything unslightly outwards. Scabs will also know when it's time to fall off. Scabs I've found out heal its way from the outside of the scrape or wound, which then slowly works it's way to the middle. Which is why we have peely scabs that are still not ready to fall off. I've read about other people's worries and skin problems they think they have and panic, including myself, as it is actually normal when there is yellow fluid oozing from under the scab. This tends to happen on the fourth day if left alone. A wound, scrape or cut can also heal without the formation of a scab if kept moisturised, a band-aid would help it staying hydrated. Also apparently, a moist wound will take up half the time to heal than a scab left to air dry. A scab, apparently no matter what size, although much deeper wounds would obviously take much longer, all generally take a week to heal. I am writing this now, because for the last week including this week, I have mostly hidden myself away indoors. I finally picked off a blackhead on my cheek near my lip, scraped off a spot near it and other one above it on my left face. On the right side of my face, I picked off a scab that I didn't even know was there and a dirty trapped pore near my lip on my cheek. It appeared to be inside a small cyst I didn't know was there. Anyway, on my right face became these two small red sores. Even though they scabbed the next day, I couldn't help it picked them off. Already this made me feel uncomfortable and slightly depressed. That I couldn't feel I could go to work because I've been lately going make-up free for a while with a bit of concealer, but I still feel I looked a bit grubby from the obvious picking and blemishes. The skin began to get crusty and frustrating. Crusty in areas around the spot and made me confused which area I was picking at anymore. The more I picked at it, the more it delayed the healing time. I've really prevented myself over the years, to stop using sharp tools but I ended up using the pin of my brooch and peeled the skin around it. This was a bad mistake, my skin on my left face near my lip where the picked spot was, was getting infecting as remained red, sore and swollen for a while. Even though I was covering these damaged areas with Savlon, it helped made it cool down for a bit, the 3 picked areas on the left side of my face seemed to just end up conjoining with the other two, and it all became one big red inflamed area. The same happened on my right side, not swollen but conjoined as one big red mark. Of course I was panicking and by Sunday which was several days later, I thought I take a shower at night. On Monday morning, I got ahead of myself and thought hooray, these scabs must be ready to be taken off so I can go to work tomorrow. Wrong! My left side was red, sore and throbbing and my right side was just not ready yet but I had already started. My CSP got the better of me as I felt so frustrated, that I spent literally the whole of the day trying to scrape of the uneven skin on the right side of my face where the wound was. I used to use lemon juice in the past as apparently its supposed to speed healing and prevent scarring if used on the wound. I did it to my wounds, and did it sting and burn like hell! So anyway, obviously I was at the end of my tether, and felt I couldn't hack life anymore. I went to bed that night and rubbed castor oil on it and placed a plaster over it. In the morning, the right side looked moist and did not look dry and uneven. Although it was still healing. The left side, was not swollen anymore and did not hurt, As I would be staying indoors and called time off work, I prevented washing my face encase my scabs would scrub off, so I have been using castor oil on my face under a plaster where the problems were for 24 hours. Today is now Thursday, so that's been two nights so far, and the yellow fluid from before which was left alone on the left side of my face has formed into a scab and it's almost fallen off. I am leaving it to Saturday however, to have a shower and leave it to that for it to fall of itself. I can see pink skin under the scab. On the right side, which I still feel frustrated I have made a delay from it's healing, it's thinly scabbed and still attached. The discolouration and pigmentation around and indention makes me worry but I feel if anything feels like a rough texture of skin, then I'm hoping it will fall off with the scab with it. If I had known about castor oil a long time ago, I think it would had prevented any indented scars in the first place. As I said, about the areas conjoining into one big sore on both sides of my face, the castor oil over time has separated them and there is my normal skin and colour under it. Castor oil can be brought in health stores but make sure it is cold pressed.
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March 07, 2013
I have also read online how some people feel to stop their spots is by picking the roots/hair from under their skin. I have never heard this before and I think it's completely mad! Surely those are the hair follicles which creates sebum but they are attached to our nervous system and should be left alone.

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