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March 02, 2009

Hi Charity, Nice meet you on the forum board and your not alone! First, you have to buy a Proactiy you know the face products. My face much clear and much better. I used it everyday to make me feel good. Other hand, my lips and on my chins looks too dry but I iching and got peels off the dry skins. it should be done in a month or so. What products did you use for now? I have my Proacvity Products. Years before, I have a bunch of acnes, whiteheads, & blackheads on my face and neve work on the face product. Now, I have my amazing Proacvity Products and it's looks much better everyday. Did you puts on your face cream on your face? Well, it depends on the face products for good or bad skins. I hope this will help you out. It's hard to slip-outs but it's okay but just a bit that's all. I do so many slips-out but it's harder to quit picking for a quite while. You will get used to it.

April 01, 2009

Has anyone tried ADHD drugs to try and stop picking?

April 02, 2009

Ha! i just posted something what u said only my son doesnt have ADHD. but he has picked up my bad habit. i know how u feel about touching other people. my worst is when i have to wear panty hose or a silk shirt. i get snags in both. i dont wear pantyhose (i wonder why). what has helped me alot is family support. i let them know that i have a problem (until recently i thought it was just a really bad habit not a disorder) and please let me know when i am biting if ur around. my son even tells me to stop. i still bite and chew and eat my cuticles, but i am getting more conscious of when i do it so i tend to stop more often, but i always seem to want to get that last little hang nail.....also recently i have started carrying around a small bottle moisture especially for cuticles so they stay smother and are not as dry. now i joined this forum which i hope will bring out my emotional reasons for wanting to pick. hope this helps we can stop if we really want to it just takes practice. ~kate