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Lily19 , 08 Mar 2013

Day 11 no pick

Here I am with my nightly post. I have made it through the day, but am starting to encounter some challenges - I'm getting real acne! Though it's just little bumps, they are driving me nuts. It's hard to not pick at them. What I did was take a picture of myself and notice that even though I see them, they didn't show up on camara. This means it's much more of a sensation annoyance, as I feel them every time I wash my face. Any suggestions for overcoming this? I thought about moving my hands quickly and lightly while washing, but will it still properly wash my face? On a lighter note, I get to see my support group, my family this weekend. I can not explain how accomplished I feel to be going home with a scab-free face. The looks on their faces will say it all. Not picking is strictly a personal goal, one that can not be done for other people. But there is no harm done basking in your parent's happiness as they look at their less depressed, less anxious, less stressed child.
3 Answers
March 08, 2013
Good for you on not picking! I can hardly believe you have gone 11 days! that's amazing. I am on day 3 right now and I know what you mean about now seeing pimples and not trying to pick them. I think taking a picture of your face is a great idea because it shows you what others see which is not what we see when we look at ourselves. It puts things in perspective. Have you tried using a soft, warm washcloth to wash your face with? That could help with the sensation of touching the bumps. And it's a good exfoliator. Just do it gently, not too rough since that can cause it's own set of problems. I use a Clarisonic but I still end up using my hands just to rinse off the soap that I used with it. As far as support goes, I totally get what you mean about having the people around you who know what you do to your face seeing you without scabs and redness, etc. Every morning I wake up, I know that my mom is noticing my less red, less flaky, less pocked skin when I don't pick.
March 08, 2013
Refraining from picking is probably the best gift that you can give to yourself AND your parents. Celebrate your accomplishment! It's absolutley FANTASTIC that you've gone 11 days without picking. In terms of scrubbing your face -- I think the Clarisonic Brush or Olay Pro-X can be helpful in addition to a gentle wash cloth. You might also want to consider getting some pre-moistened facial towels like this: ----------------------------------------------------------------'s-bees-facial-cleansing-towelettes/ID=prod6080230-product?ext=gooBeauty_PLA_Cleansing_Cloths_ampersand_Pads_prod6080230_pla&adtype={adtype}&kpid=prod6080230&sst=37bf18fa-1db9-0bc9-0ab8-00007ec85039 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- These can be really helpful at night -- rather than scrubbing and analyzing your face in the mirror, you can use these to remove makeup without the need for water or intense scrubbing. Just a thought -- Keep up the good work and REWARD YOURSELF- Huge accomplishment.
March 09, 2013
Thanks for all the advice guys! I'm going to try using a wash cloth gently. I was washing my face and discovered so many bumps along my hair line...but I just walked away. I wish you the best of luck with your goals also! The first three days are probably the toughest, so great job. :)

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