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Hannafrances , 09 Mar 2013

I turn 49 tomorrow and cannot stop picking when I am stressed or bored

I truly need help. This problem developed for me about four or five years ago and despite numerous visits to dermatologists, cosmetologists and even a cosmetic surgeon, the fact is I just cannot stop picking my skin. I feel,awful but cannot stop. Is there any recommended prescription for nerves hat can help me?
3 Answers
March 10, 2013
Hi Hannafrances. You came to a good place - there are lots of people with stories here that can help you out. Something that really works for me is making a new routine for myself. About two weeks ago, I went and bought calamine lotion and band aids. I then wore band aids on my pointer fingers all day long and used calamine lotion at night (putting on 3 layers, leaving it on for an hour). Calamine lotion helps so much when it comes to healing scabs. I recommend it. The band aids are strictly for the purpose of being a buffer between your hands and skins. Although it might seem embarassing to wear band aids on your fingers, just weigh it with the embarassment us pickers feel everday when we go outside. Compared to that, it is little. Best of luck to you!
March 10, 2013
I'm not on any medication but what I started to do is when I get bored I try to find something to occupy my time, so I want pick. But if you read different inserts on this site, you can find some good information. Happy Birthday to you and it will get better.
March 10, 2013
Hi Hanna, I am 42 and have been skin picking, on and off, for close to 20 years. Like you, I have gone to a dermatologist and spoken to my doctor. Because I cover everything with make-up, I don't think that they truly understand the damage that I have done (or do!). I have been prescribed anti-depressants and did take them, but it caused major weight gain and I didn't feel like myself. To date, the only things have worked are yoga and meditation. If you haven't tried either, please do. Also, exercise in any way, alleviates the anxiety. Wishing you the very best of luck. Do take care and be kind to yourself. xx

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