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Lily19 , 11 Mar 2013

Week 2, here I am

Here I am, day 14. It seems like forever ago I started, but day by day no picking has become as much a part of my schedule as picking used to be. It's starting to make sense. It's starting to become normal not to pick than the other way around. I'm really satsified with myself. I keep wishing you all the best of luck because I know you can all get here too. And I keep coming on here because I'm not completely healed, I may never be. I still get urges. I still relate with the majority of these posts. And I am well aware I could relaspe any moment. But I work hard not to - And I want to help whoever else I can. So, good luck to all! May tomorrow be your day.
1 Answer
March 11, 2013
Keep up good work, Im hoping I can make it 14 days without picking

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