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OJ1979 , 11 Mar 2013

Dont know what to do anymore

I am a 33 YR old male. Who still gets Acne. Mostly Blackheads. I have been getting them more so the past few yrs. Every time I see one I pick at it and pick at it until my skin is red and Damaged, I have been doing this since I was a teenager. I have no self Esteem over this. Most of them are on my Forehead, which is so noticeable that after I pick it leaves scabs and take forever to heal. I can’t go a day without looking in the mirror. Even if the Blackhead is so small other people can’t see I still squeeze them. I do not leave the house only to go to work when I do this, I am embarrassed that I do this to myself but do not know how to stop. I have a beautiful wife who I don’t even want to see me like this. I avoid people and doing things because of this. I just can’t believe I’m in my 30’s and still do this to myself, so ashamed. I don’t know what else to do anymore
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March 12, 2013
I'm a 34 year old female and although i still pick it's not as bad as it use to be. My best advice would be to cut ur nails really short, every day if you have to. Use dim or friendly lights in the bathroom. Fluorescent lights can make ur skin look worse. I can barely see my face in the dim light, which has been my savior. (I always have a face mask on when i pluck my eyebrows). Take omega-3s!! Check out N.A.C. and don't forget witch hazel toner. Hope this helps:)

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