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victoriasue , 12 Mar 2013

New and looking for support

Hello everyone. I'm Victoria, I've been a skin picker since I was a teenager. I used to do it when I would bite my nails. I stopped biting my nails but my skin picking got worse. I pick the skin on my thumbs when I'm reading or bored at work. I use my index finger to scratch at my thumb from the side of the nail down past the first joint. It has gotten so bad that even my friends and family have commented on it. It's not uncommon for my thumbs to be bloody or raw. When they get too sore to pick at ill pick at my other fingers. At night I pick at the soles of my feet. It's easier to pick at my feet because no one can see them. I've tried to stop picking at my toes because I've picked them so much I've had several severe infections, to the point where I cannot stand on my food or bare weight on my foot. In the last year my skin picking has gotten completely out of control and I don't know how to stop. I've tried band aides, stress balls, cutting my nails off...nothing has worked. I've also picked at several moles I the point where they're completely gone. I've also used my nails to scratch small sores into my scalp. Any suggestions and help would be greatly appreciated!

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