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Lily19 , 13 Mar 2013

Day 16 no pick

Ah! Never look closely into a mirror while tweezing your eye brows! I can not explain how huge the urge to pick was. I'm getting this huge zit on my cheek and it hurts, but I know I just can't let myself pick even one. I know I won't be able to control myself. *Breathe* I always have to remind myself to do that. I read somewhere on here that although we feel the urge to pick will vanish once we do it, once we pick it has a much more negative affect. It's a quick fix to one problem and disastrous to another. So, when you find yourself leaning close to the mirror, with your fingers ready to go - Breathe. Step back. Reevaluate why you want to pick. As you step back, notice how fine your skin looks, and think about the likelihood that someone out there is taking a magnafying glass to your face and scrutinizing it more than you do. Once you realize the likelihood is zero, smile and walk away.
2 Answers
April 13, 2013
Congrats! I know how hard it is to have the strength and control to not pick! This is my first week of no picking and I'm hoping I can keep it up. I'm usually able to stop for a week or a little more but I don't think I've made it to 16 days. I've been trying to remind myself how happy I feel when my skin is healing, and how miserable I feel after I've picked and destroyed my skin. And I remind myself how much easier it is to try to cover up just a scar with makeup than trying to cover up a wound from picking, and how long it takes! I've been realizing when I go to almost pick that I'm doing it mostly because I'm used to it! But I've been able to stop myself where as before even though I was telling myself to stop even as I picked, I just couldn't. And I have to say, it feels so good to not pick. I know sometimes we think it feels good while we're picking, we think we're removing something ugly from our skin and we get a relief once we've picked it out, but then we snap out of the trance and notice what we've done to our skin and we get depressed. But getting the strength to stop makes you feel like you have this power back of like owning who you are. I've felt so low and ugly and depressed from picking....but I feel so good about myself now. I still have scars/marks so now I need to deal with letting them fully heal, but at least they're not open oozing wounds. But as long as I can keep my hands OFF, I won't have to deal with that ever again. Now I just pray I don't relapse like I've done so many times before. So like you said, step back, breathe, and walk away. Keep it up! I really hope you and anyone going through this can overcome it and feel good about themselves again!

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