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WantingChange , 13 Mar 2013

Desperately seeking relief

I honestly don't know when I started picking at my skin, but it's been at least 10 years. I am a married 30 year old Mother of 2. I used to be outgoing, and confident, but sadly that is a past version of me. I pick my skin a lot. Mostly my face. I have Crohns Disease and each time I am admitted or in the ER I am always asked if I have a meth problem. I love the look of remorse when my blood work proves them wrong. My kids who are 5 and 7 ask me why I have owwies all over my face. It keeps me from having much of a social life and has killed my ability to see beyond the red marks, scars and scabs. My skin picking was some what under control until my I found my Father after he shot himself in the backyard of the home we shared. That was on 1-19-11 and since, my picking has accelerated. Spending an hour in front of the mirror with tweezers and a safety pin. I am desperately seeking relief. I want to see a beautiful woman in the reflection of my mirror, instead of a make up caked monster.
2 Answers
March 14, 2013
First of all ((((BIG HUGS))) to you. What I have discovered is that you must aim to stop yourself prior to picking. It is very tough. Think about the aftermath and the time it takes to heal again. I am not saying that you won't have picking sessions (I still do), but this has helped me decrease them. Also, I highly recommend yoga and meditation. Both truly work wonders. I wish you the very best of luck. Be kind to yourself. xxx
March 14, 2013
I had the same exact goal as you - to become a beautiful woman in the mirror. It's all I wanted. My advice to you would be to try covering up your pointer fingers with band aids for the whole day! It really helped me. Also, calamine lotion does wonders for healing skin. Remember, these are initiatives - the real work comes when the skin is clear and you still have to fight the urge. I wish you the best of luck!

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