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Lily19 , 18 Mar 2013

three week mark

It has been three weeks since I started to try and stop picking at my face. More or less, it has been three weeks since I've started to try and change my life - And little by little, I'm getting there. Recently I've been slacking on the Calamine lotion and have scratched at my face at the little bumps, and picked a big zit, but I have to remember that this is just simple magagment. The normal perosn does it and doesn't let it consume them, and it's okay to have a red spot every so often. I was complaining about it to my roommate and she said, "What red spot?" We think everyone can see what we do to our face, but in reality it's difficult for others to. At day 21, I feel like I have started to lay the groundwork for living with my skin and not against. I hope you all are doing well with your goals, and I wish you all the best.
2 Answers
March 21, 2013
I just wanted to say CONGRATS on the wonderful job that you are doing. Be good and kind to yourself. We pickers tend to be mean. Not to others, but to ourselves!
March 21, 2013
Ahhh...Lily...If you read my post "Just want to say THANK YOU..." I am talking about YOU!! Yours was the post I read. I saved it to my Bookmarks and went to see. So the thank you is graciously sent to you... Let's do this!! :-)

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