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Jstone34 , 18 Mar 2013

What I've been doing to help my skin

To see the pictures of how this regimen can help you, go to: Dermatillomania, or, obsessive picking of the skin, is something that I've lived with since I was very young. And if you're reading this page, then it's probably something that has been a part of your life too. I have tried everything to control my picking - therapy, medications, rubber bands, rings that have movable pieces, taking down bathroom mirrors, taking out light fixtures (to make it harder to see anything that needs picking) - but nothing really seems to work. Picking has just become a part of my life, and I often do it throughout the day without even realizing it. The problem is, now that I'm older, my skin is not healing itself the way it used to when I was in my teens and twenties, and now I'm left with horrible scarring and blemishes that take weeks (or even months) to completely heal. I didn't want to live the rest of my life with a scarred face and so I decided that I needed to take control of my picking. That's where the Unblemish regimen comes in. I want to share this regimen with you because I have personally had some great results with it, and more importantly, it has curbed my picking in a way that absolutely nothing else has. I encourage you to take a look at my blog to see all the pictures of my progress these last few months. My skin is really starting to look healthy and the scarring is becoming less noticeable by the day. The reason that my picking has been more under control, and the damage that I do inflict much less severe, is due to the combination of products and medications that is in the regimen. I have been to countless dermatologists over the course of my life, and nothing, and I do mean NOTHING, has helped my skin (and thus my picking) like this has. While dermatillomania is an OCD which cannot be cured by acne medications, I have personally found that it is harder to pick at my face when there is nothing to pick at. And if this has worked for me, perhaps it can work for you.

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