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Bernie , 04 Mar 2009

My Story...

I have been picking since I started getting some acne in junior high. I still was doing it in high school but only to actual blemishes. Over the last year I have started to pick anything on my face and occasionally on other parts of my body. I use tweezers, needles, nail clippers, and my hands. I have scars on my face, gashes, and scabs. It is ruining my life. I don't hang out with friends anymore and my boyfriend gets so mad at me for not wanting to go out. I ruined a trip to Florida becasue the night before we left I picked and made myself look bad. I can not stop the urge. I feel like somehow I am making my face better when I do this. I have gone to a doctor and was prescribed Zoloft and go to see her at least once a week. But it is still too hard to stop. I don't have a job anymoe because of it. Tomorrow I have an interview but I don't think I can go. It's too bad. I hope I can make some friends on here.
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March 05, 2009
Stay Strong! Hope is not the closing of your eyes to the difficulty, the risk, or the failure. It is trust that- If I fail now - I shall not fail forever; and if I am hurt, I shall be healed . It is trust that Life is good. love
March 05, 2009
Hi Bernie, Welcome to the board! That's pretty bad cuz you have nowhere to go but you don't have to go anywhere unless you making it better soon. I know your life is ruining in your lives. All you have to is to stay strong and never look back! If your boyfriend wanting to know what's going on with you & he needs to know what's wrong with you but you don't have to tell him about your problems apart skin pickings. It's hard to tell them about your problems trust me it's way worse to tell them until their reactions (that's means upset, yelling or fighting with you) I know they are not understanding about part of the problems such as skin pickings. I thought that was the best is to write a letter to them if they will reading a letter while you gone somewheres like your favorite place to think or explore. They would probly tell you how scared they were to tell you. I would write a letter to them soon but not right now, I feel like a relieve stress to makes me feel good about pickings but don't know why I do feel good everyday but sometimes I do feel sick such as stomach pains & headaches. I would loves to make friends on here and your are so not alone! we are making together to make it better and stronger everyday!

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