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dynamicdj , 21 Mar 2013

Just want to say THANK YOU...

I have picked & chewed my cuticles since I was a little girl. I am now a 48 year old woman. I haven't been doing it for about 6 days now. I found this site, read a little bit and someone else had posted that they hadn't picked their skin for 8 days. I had some hope. Every time I put my fingers by my mouth, I say to myself "People don't do this", I say it nicely and very matter of fact. I am not mean, but kind and gentle with myself. I don't know why, but it is working this time. I hope everyone here is able to stop doing this form of self abuse when they are ready. It is a horrible, and embarrassing thing. At least it was for me. I will keep up the good work...
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