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Lily19 , 21 Mar 2013

Well, here I am.

If I have one piece of advice for all of you, it is to never give up. Today, after my 23 days of not picking at my face, I did. And I felt bad about it. And feel even worse about it now after washing my make up off. If there's anything these past three weeks have taught me, it's that I don't want this. So why do I do it? Tomorrow will be day one again. Back to Calamine lotion every night, back to band aids on my pointer fingers. This is not defeat. It's a push, a massive shove to get on my feet again. I'll be posting on here daily to keep up with my progress. I felt bliss, a freedom from the urge to pick, and I will feel it again. Good luck to all and to those who read my posts, I'm not letting you down. We are going to beat this. This is just proof it is hard and never easy, even after such a long time of not picking. It's not impossible to live a happy life and I'm always going to be in search for that silver lining.
2 Answers
March 22, 2013
Today is my Day 1, and you are inspiration for me to stay strong. I know you will go longer than 3 weeks this time. :) Best of luck
March 22, 2013
It's ok. You can do it. We all can do it. I was just tempted to start on my cuticles, and came here instead.

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