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esperanza , 25 Mar 2013

I'm Pretty Sure I Have Dermatillomania

Hello, I have just recently found out that this is an actual thing. I am 14 and have always been picking at scabs since I was younger (from falls) leading to big scars. I would pick at my face a lot especially around 11-12 years old when I started getting acne, I think it's because my mother thought it was okay (she doesn't any more) to squeeze pimples and would do that on my face, then from that I just carried on. Just this last summer I went on vacation and almost completely stopped, given a few scratches to the face, but then was done over by mosquitoes bringing back the picking, but only my legs. After summer vacation when I got back to school, around October I stopped picking and the wounds on my legs healed only to bring scalp picking. Now whenever I am by myself, mostly reading , doing homework, or on the computer I start picking without even noticing until I feel some blood on my finger. I also pick at my neck because I have something there I don't really know what it is, but I don't really know why I pick there :/. This disorder really cause me some trouble because first of all it leaves a mess, I feel really gross after especially looking at my nails and thinking of all the bacteria (I'm kind of a scared of germs) that is in there and in my skin that was picked. It makes me really uncomfortable even typing about it. I sometimes do my back too. I have scars on my chest and collarbone from picking and on my face from the scratching. I am really embarrassed about my body, especially since I already have a bad image about my own appearance the scars make me feel worse and even more disgusted with myself. One thing that I think helps is the piano. Instead of picking I go and practice a couple of pieces since it keeps both of my heads busy instead of reading which leaves the other head free. I am going to tell my doctor about this and see what we can do. I'm not sure what to expect, but I am glad to see that skin picking isn't just a bad habit and there is something we can do to make it better.
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March 27, 2013
I only found out yesterday that this was a disorder! After at least 35 years of having the problem. It really made me feel better too. I've had some success with using Emotional Freedom Techniques on myself before so I think I'll persevere with that and see what happens... Keeping your hands busy can work for a while..I tend to crochet!!

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