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Stormydaz , 31 Mar 2013

Ball in my skin? Any idea?

So I had this.. Pimple, white head-ish maybe skin tag looking thing near my eye. Kind of came out if nowhere. And it did hurt depending on how I touched it. Well, last night I got to rubbing it and feel it come loose. Finally it came out. It was like this small ball that had embedded itself in my skin. It was skin colored. But it left a hole in my skin from where it was. I guess you could say it was the size of a pin head. (The colored bit of a bobby pin). Any ideas?
1 Answer
April 05, 2013
i think these are called milia, or milia spots. i had one just below the inside corner of my eye a while ago. i thought it was just part of my skin and would never go away, but one time i came out of the shower and it was red and inflamed, i squeezed it and it came out, exactly as you said.

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