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korninja45 , 31 Mar 2013

The hardest part about stopping...

Hi everybody, I am happy to announce that I have finally stopped picking! I'm not quite sure how but part of it is that I finally graduated high school and my quality of life greatly improved. I'm now almost 20 and in my first year of college I quit picking. For me the hardest part of stopping was that whenever I stopped my skin tried to heal and was successful for about 2 days. Then likely because of the years of damage my skin would get really dry and peel itself away, almost like it was just used to it. It was hard to fight the urge to pick the dry skin and the bubbles that formed but I found that after a few attempts at stopping I finally got over the hill and my skin stayed in tact. Although it still gets those dry bubbles on occasion I very rarely touch it. Has anyone else had this experience? This was by far the hardest part of quitting for me.

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