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ahistoryofabuse , 01 Apr 2013

Things that have helped me (and I hope will help you too)

Hey everyone, So I just want to discuss a few things that have helped me since I feel we are all here for support and suggestions. 1) Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I can't stress how important this is. I know some people may not be able to afford therapy or have health insurance, but if at all possible, I'd highly suggest seeing a cognitive behavioral therapist. A regular shrink you talk to isn't going to cut the mustard when it comes to skin picking/ocd. You need someone you can work with to change these behaviors actively and effectively, and that's exactly what CBT does. Please keep in mind this is a PROCESS and not a quick fix. So don't be discouraged if it doesn't work at first for you. I started a month ago and I'm already making progress, but I am no where near being "cured". I have still made leaps and bounds, though, and continue to do so as the therapy progresses. 2) Taking a daily Zinc supplement. Zinc is beneficial in various ways when it comes to overall health. I've learned that it helps to speed up the healing process and have definitely seen an improvement in wound healing since taking Zinc supplements. Again, this isn't a quick fix, but I'd say start now and within two weeks you should notice a difference. I should note that zinc is best absorbed when taken on an empty stomach or with a glass of OJ/acidic juice. Be aware that when you first start taking Zinc it MAY make you nauseous. I usually take my Zinc when I know I'm going to be sitting around. One time I took Zinc and then went to walk to campus and puked on my way there. So be sure to see how it effects you on a day off. The nausea tends to wear off in a half hour or so, at least for me. 3) Water. Drink plenty of it. Starting off the day with half a lemon squeezed into a room temperature glass of water is a great way to start your day. No only does it help to cleanse your liver over time, but the vitamin C is also good for your skin. 4) Kuumba Made Scar Repair gel. You can find this at a Whole Foods or at It's not really that well known, it seems, but take if from a girl who's used a plethora of scar creams/gels in her day that this stuff works better than anything I've tried to date. Again, not an overnight fix, but after a week of using this stuff I was very impressed at the results. 5) Honesty. Be honest with yourself, others, and doctors. If you tell people about your condition, the more likely it is that they can help you. Some people may never understand your condition or how hard it is to stop. This is just a fact of life. But there are people out there that DO understand and WANT to help you. I promise. 6) Build a support group. Be it a close friend or family member, try to find people you can talk to and who will support you during those times you really want to pick. 7) Find distractions or things to keep your hands busy with. If you feel like picking, try doing something else instead, be it going for a walk, working out or any other activity you see fit or find enjoyment from. I'm not trying to be inappropriate, but masturbating has been a good distractor for me, haha. Stress balls, paper clips, anything small that you can keep in your hands definitely helps. I find that my hands have a mind of their own, and even if I'm not in front of a mirror they will find their way to my wounds. If I'm holding something in my hands, though, I find this definitely helps cut down on that. 8) Give yourself credit. Even if you have a slip up, never forget to give yourself credit for any progress you have made and don't be too hard on yourself. Remember that this is an addiction, whether others recognize that or not. 9) Love yourself. This is so much easier said than done and not an easy task by any means. However, if you learn to love yourself, it makes it so much easier to help yourself and to stay strong.
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June 11, 2013
wow. i cant believe this has zero replies!! I logged on to this forum to post about my depressing relapse yesterday.. and I decided to read through past entries. your title obviously drew me in, because I fully appreciate any tips and positive reinforcement! Reading this actually helped me to feel better about my relapse :) i'm going to check out that scar stuff after my wounds are healed, my scars are something i'm SUPER self conscious about, so thanks for the tip. How are you doing with therapy btw, are you still seeing someone? I've looked into CBT in the past but I've always put it off thinking i don't need it or i couldn't afford it at the time. I'm very curious to know how it has been working for you since this post, because i'm willing to give it a shot if my own methods continue to fail. I really need to work on numbers 5 and 9. I need to be more honest with myself, and others about my picking, although currently its a huge secret in my life besides this forum and some family members. and as for loving yourself.. yes it's waaaay easier said then done, haha. as pickers i feel like we constantly look for ways to punish ourselves and feel we're not worthy of self-love, but this is so not the case. I'm trying to be more positive and keep my head up :) which is why i really appreciate people like you on this website who totally give off positive feedback. I'm also curious-- are you a face picker or body picker as well? i started off picking my pimples when i was about 14, and i'm now 23 and my picking has spread to areas such as my chest, upper arms/shoulders, and back, but mainly my face :/

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