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F-a-k-e , 02 Apr 2013

I need to stop picking

So I've been picking since I was around 9 years old. I'm 17 now. I only found out I had a picking disorder in June last year. Since then I've then on and off I've been trying to stop with no luck. I've been trying to get rid of one at a time. This has worked a few times but what I find hard is when it scabs over and it makes me want to pick again. What can I do to stop myself from picking. I really want to stop now.
2 Answers
April 03, 2013
What really helps with me is to get a manicure once in a while, if you're a guy, have a lady make your nails look nice, you don't have to paint them, maybe just clip them and take care of your cuticles? (maybe your aunt, wife, girlfrend, mother, etc) but if youre a girl, you can just go to a mall or someplace. What also helps is to excersise and eat Healthy alot. It helps acne tremendously. Also Proactiv helps. I've been using it since early January and it's amazing. I only use it at night web though you're supposed to use it twice daily. I hope I helped you and the best of luck to you

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