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Orange , 03 Apr 2013

Hang nails/ cuticles

i have HUGE hang nails and of course I peeled them and now they're HUGE wounds. I hit my finger on my school locker today and blood is all over my fingers. (it wasn't bleeding before I hit it but It was very tender there) I had to go to the bathroom AND ask the teacher for a band aid once I got to class. It was so embarrassing. I thought she would ask about my other wound (this once wasn't bleeding) on my ring finger but she didn't. It was so embarrassing. My friend saw the blood first (I hadn't realized it was bleeding for a few minutes) and she asked "what happened!" and I told her the story-- "I hit it on my locker." but I didnt tell her I'd been picking, she would think I was gross and I hid my hand for the rest of class

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