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reyna-stones , 05 Apr 2013

first time here - acne picker

Hi. I'm 24 yrs old and have been picking in some form since i was 11. A friend suggested I may have dermatillomania so I looked it up and was shocked, I thought all these years I was some kind of freak. I immediately began trying to find ways to stop. Since my biggest issue is my acne I made a deal w myself that I would buy some nice new makeup if I could wash my face twice daily for 30 consecutive days. It took ne two and a half months but I finally made it and my face was so much more clear which then presented an unknown issue. I had nothing to pick at. I ended up purposely avoiding washing my face so I could have something and when I did it brought so much relief to pick that I was mortified. I've restarted my 30 days thing and I guess I'm doing good because I've had several recent compliments but I'm still picking daily. I've tried avoiding mirrors but I still pick without one, I had a friend take away all my tweezers and she also stops me if she catches me doing it. I've also moved on to my scalp I've created sores and yet keep picking. I've also found that I tend to pick when I'm severely stressed. I've been diagnosed with depression, anxiety and ptsd. I've recently began counseling for a totally separate issue but its been sporadic and I'm seeing the fourth new counselor at the same clinic later today but she's supposed to be permanent. I don't really know how to bring this subject up because I'm extremely embarrassed and ashamed of it. I feel like I'm fighting a lost battle and just want to stop.
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April 06, 2013
Proactiv really helps alot. Youre supposed to use it twice daily but I use it once daily and it's like magic. Also OXY acne medicine helps too. For nails, I suggest a manicure to stop that, you don't want to ruin your new pretty nails. (I got a manicure last week and it's helping alot) Plus, don't be so embarrassed to tell this counselor. She's not going to go around telling anybody. My sister goes to one for separate reasons and the counselor won't even tell my mom or dad what happens in there. Shes not going to spread the picking news around everywhere. She might tell somebody (but not a random stranger) if you are putting yourself or others in serious danger, though. I hope I helped and I wish the best of luck to you. :)

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