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toomuchpressure , 09 Apr 2013


Hello! If you are reading this, I am so happy for you! I just want you to know...there IS hope! About two hours ago, I engaged in a picking session. I do not hate myself. I do not beat myself up about it. I have learned to take control of my picking...rather than let this picking control me. A year ago I started therapy with my life-coach Annette Pasternak. When I first started the program I was picking a total of 9 hours in the span of two weeks. Now, I record 1 hour total for a two week span. Annette has helped me so much and I encourage all to seek her wisdom! She is an understanding woman of great knowledge and truth! Here is the link to her website! I encourage you to check it out. LOVE you all. IT GETS BETTER :) Carly Presher

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