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michellestlouis , 12 Apr 2013

Help! Crater from pulling off scab

Hey guys...I know from reading you've all been where I am but I'm brand new to this forum and it took a lot for me to reach out. I'm feeling pretty sad right now, I am lucky enough to have relatively clear skin most of the time thanks to a good skin care regimen but I picked a pimple the other day and it formed a scab. It started coming off in the shower this morning so I helped it off and I KNOW i shouldn't have done either of those things!! It did leave a fresh pink mark but also a little crater, not a super deep hole or anything but its a crater like mark...I'm currently using polysporin as much as i can! Will it eventually heal up? any advice would be great guys, thanks so much.
1 Answer
April 18, 2013
The sooner you start using a scar treatment the faster it will fade. there are a lot of things that people say work..there's organic honey, calamine lotion, scar zone, vitamin E.. my scars have been fading pretty well.

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