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Terry , 13 Apr 2013

I feel I just found a new best friend

I can't believe I'm just finding this site; all thanks to the March 2013 issue of Allure!! I recently began getting some what better at picking 'some what'....but right now my biggest concern is how do I get rid of the scars I have left on my arms and legs. I am 53 years old and haven't worn a pair of shorts for almost 20 years. Only two years ago I began wearing short sleeves again and have learned to deal with the stares I get. I started using bleach to hopefully fade the dark purple scars but it's not working as well as I hoped. The saddest thing is when people stop me from touching their baby because they thing I have some terrible disease. Does anyone know if my scars will ever go away? The ones on my arms are a bunch of brown, red, and purple dots; On my legs they're large patches of purple. If I wear a dress I have to wear black stockings because the spots show through nude stockings. Any ideas? So happy to find this forum. Terry

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