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tulip14 , 17 Apr 2013

viscious cycle

Ok so this is the first time i have ever done anything like this in my life before but i really am just so desperate. I feel like such a freak of nature its been great to hear of others with the same problem (not that i would wish this on anyone). I have been picking for about 2 years now although i have just started getting cbt. I refuse to go out with open sores on my face which means im stuck in the house isolating myself from my friends. This makes me even more down and the first thing i do when im down is i pick. Its a viscious cycle that i cant break. I have a huge family celebration coming up which is being held in my house on saturday. For the last week or so i have been able to cut my mirror checking down considerably with the motivation that i will b able to join the party but last nite I completely lost it and any chance i had of being part of the celebrations. I touched so much the cut is quite deep on my face and im worried that it will never heal and Im too late with the cbt. Is there anyone out there can give me hope that their wounds, despite being deep have healed??

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