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Sorceress , 17 Apr 2013

new here and finally admitting I need help

Hi, I'm C. I just found this place today as well as another group and I'm (like all of you) feeling some comfort in knowing I am not alone. I've been a skin picker for as long as I can remember,and I will be turning 30 in a few months, things have become worse over the last 10 years as I was in a horrible relationship and somehow picking was always an escape for me. Life has gotten better for me in the last year, I met the most wonderful man and we bought a house together this month... I believe the stress and pressure of this has made my picking worse. I know he loves me, but everytime he looks at me all I feel is shame because I know he's looking to see what damage I've done to myself since this morning or the previous night. I want so much for him to look at me because I'm beautiful and not because I have a new scar or scab. :-( I've known for a long time I have a problem. I just want to get it under control. I used to pick my legs. Then it was my scalp. Now its mostly my face and I can't hide it. Even makeup doesn't help because its so bad. My coworkers must think I'm a meth addict. I'm almost so embarressed to admit that I pick that I would rather people think I'm a drug addict. That's horrible isn't it? I have 2 children from a previous relationship and my 3 year old son has been making huge scars on his face by scratching and picking the scabs. I hate to think that he's doing it because he sees me do it. So I've come looking for help and support because I need to fix this asap before I destroy myself, my son, and the relationship with the man i love.
2 Answers
April 19, 2013
Do it for your kids!! I don't have children yet, but I have passed on this terrible behavior to my little brother and it breaks my heart. I am new as well. I hope this website gives you all the hope and strength you need to stop your picking.
April 20, 2013
For me in order to stop picking I think you need to be completely clear in your mind of what youre going to do - prepare and make the decision to stop, not only in your mind but actually by writing it down, by speaking to people about what you're about to do (whether on here or face to face) I wanted to stop for so many years but having an idea in my head to stop got forgotten after a few days. I have found that by preparing to stop for good, by writing a plan or marking on a calendar it becomes real and is no longer just an idea. Building up a challenge means that you'll be letting yourself down if you pick which hopefully will be overcome any urge you have. I think understanding what temps you to pick helps too, if it's the flaky scabs then make sure you start exfoliating your skin. If it's your bathroom light then don't turn it on or take it away. Try to do anything you can to stop the urge in order to make it easier for yourself and break down the habit. Know that it's not just you against the habit, there are so many other things that can help you to fight it. Visiting this forum regularly has given my so many ideas that I have taken and adapted to suit me and I'm now almost a week without picking. Hopefully if your son sees you stop he will do the same. You really can do this - Good luck and I hope you find a solution :)

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