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Njay , 08 Mar 2009

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Do you think it is somthing we learn?... When I was a little girl, I would observe my mother with her face in a 5X magnified mirror, squezzing her skin..It was so amazing to see the things that came out...(really gross i know..sorry). When I was 12-13 I began doing it as well.first it started with my nose, then to my cheeks and now my chin.... I have never had bad acne but I analyze my pores..When I look closely, I see tiny white bumps..I see the most subtle things and I want to squeeze and expell whatever is underneath... It is both a thrill and a cathartic feeling... Unfortunately, it leaves my skin swollen and I do believe it has contributed to the development of more clogged pores...I am terrified that I am scarring myself..and further, that it will lead to more acne... Now in my adulthood, I find that I am lookign for anything to pick...this includes ingrown hairs caused by waxing...If I am unable to squeeze the hair, I pick at my skin with a pin so I can bring it to the surface... I can't keep doing this...It had affected my self esteem and social life.... I have mentioned it my my doctor and psychiatrist, and they ar enot taking it very seriously... I don't know what to do...
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March 12, 2009
Hey Njay, I think I learned from my mom the way you did. And both my doctor and psychologist didn't take it seriously. And that SUCKS if your psychologist doesn't take it seriously. A good book is "The Broken Mirror." It's by a psychologist that did tonnes of research on picking and body dysmorphic disorder, it'll teach you way more than your psychologist knows about us picking. How's your stopping picking going? Rosie

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