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Lily19 , 19 Apr 2013

I'm back - and ready to fight

If any of you were on this site about a month ago, you might remember my night posts. I got to 25 days without picking - and collapsed. I didn't want to come back on here but something about adimting my mistakes/accomplishments worked the first time. So I'm back. And tomorrow is going to be horrible. I don't want to face the world. But the sad thing is I have to. I hate myself and everyone will see it on my face tomorrow. God help me if I can make it through the day without picking one scab. If I do, I think I'll cry with happiness.
3 Answers
April 19, 2013
hi. i am unfamiliar with your previous posts but if you made it to 25 days, you are my hero. I don't know how the heck you made it that long, but I plan on starting tomorrow. Don't give up hope, if you lasted almost a month this time, the next time will be even better and longer. you can do it! i can do it! we all can do this!!
May 04, 2013
Wow 25 days omg thats awsome I can't even make it though one, I cry a lot about it and I can't wear the clothes I like because I have to cover up my pimples, red, bumbs that I picked and my scabs that I pick. It starts with a pimple sometimes not even a pimple just a bump sometimes or a invisible bumb or a tiny red bump that is hardly noticable then I pick it and my skin rips then theres a scab and then the day after that or a week after I pick my scab and then theres a scar and then I cry and hate myself because all my pimple's that I pick and then turn to scabs and then scars which stay forever and they won't go away at least I have never ever picked my scars few. I'm a girl and girls are supposed to be pretty and now I have to cover up in ugly clothes so no boy would want to be my girlfriend. I'm a teenager with dreams that I won't pick. I've reduced picking now :) and I will stop!

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