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jazmb , 19 Apr 2013

New Member, Just want to get this off of my chest

Hi, I am sure I started biting the skin on my fingers when I was in elementary school (I am 22 now), I just can't remember exactly what age or why. It has ruined my life. I was teased and considered a freak for my behavior and the way my knuckles looked. I still get disgusted looks paired with questions and hear people talk about it when they think I can't hear or am not around. My self confidence is has taken a blow because of this terrible habit. And since the start of my picking/biting, it has spread. I bite my fingers, pick my face, feet, and my cuticles. I don't know how I managed to find a wonderful boyfriend who says he wants to marry me, but I feel like I am holding back for the sole purpose of him really seeing my habits and breaking my heart if he doesn't accept me and this crazy flaw I have. I want to stop so so so bad but I feel like it's too hard. However, I will start a No-Pick challenge today. You are all beautiful, don't let a habit tear you down! :) Peace and Love.

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