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kayro15 , 20 Apr 2013

never knew others were suffering with this till now

wow. i am overwhelmed. i thought i was all alone in this skin picking behaviour. i've been dealing with this for years- i'm 26 now and can remember starting this back when i was in high school...i wish i knew how and why i started. i always wish i never did. i've read several posts on here and found relief and comfort to know i'm not alone... it's a hard disorder to overcome. just when you see your skin on your face has healed and you promise yourself you won't pick at it anymore, a little pimple starts forming, and out with the tweezers. i go through terrible ups and downs with this. my face is where all the damage gets done. it is mortifying how from one day a little red dot turns into a huge gapping hole and you spend hours trying to 'fix' it but it only gets worse... i'm dealing with a big one now near my lips and i'm praying and hoping that it will heal in the next week as i have a huge event on friday. i've tried putting the calamine lotion before bed, but when i wake up it's hard to take off-- so i use hot water, but it's just as bad as the night before... the skin is raw... please PLEASE i need the best advise as to how i can speed up the heeling- obviously- aside from trying not to touch it. i always crawl back to the tweezers to remove the scab and hope it will be dry underneath, but it's always wet and i have to wait till it dries so i can cover it up. i will not be caught dead out of my room without concealer. i hate it. any tips will be greatly appreciated. and kudos to all those who have reached out on this forum and shared your stories. i wish you all luck and strong will to get passed this disorder.
7 Answers
April 20, 2013
Kayro15! I understand your pain. I never had the problem of picking at my face except for in high school, all I did was clean it well and leave a bandaid over it, as far as making it heal faster, I couldn't give you much advice. Another thing, since it's the pimples are your target, try taking steps in simply clearing your face from more coming up. Just changing your diet a little bit did wonders for me. I did a little test in high school, stopped eating pork, and noticed a big difference. I had to take some light antibiotics for a surgery once, and my face was as clear as can be. I'm sure you can get prescribed amoxicillin to treat acne, in turn you will at least have less to pick at. Eating less red meats and chocolate help clear up your face too. I hope I've been at least a little bit helpful. I've also never known this was a 'disorder' until tonight. I was bored and googled 'picking at fingers' and all this jazz popped up.
April 20, 2013
Try avene cicalfate for the healing, it really helps bring down redness too.
April 21, 2013
need input please! what is the fastest, most effective way to speed the healing of an open, wet, facial wound--- do i cover it with a bandaid or do i let it air dry?? i have to cover it with concealer when i go out in public, but when i'm home what's the best way to treat it? i've heard conflicting views on neosporin, since it's not an infection... and the calamine lotion just dries it out and then when i try washing it off it starts to bleed.... HELP please!
September 27, 2013
I just found out that it am actual disorder a couple months ago. I used to hide it, saying I got sunburn or mosquito bites. I never knew that so many people had the same problem.

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