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reece4breakfast , 20 Apr 2013

New as well!

Where to start. I'm 20, I was bored and googled "picking at my fingers" a few minutes ago, I had no idea there was a name for this. My fingers have been my primary target of destruction ever since I was 5. I have no clue why, I used to think it was just an anxiety thing. I've noticed when I'm nervous, or bored, I just go to town on the tips of my fingers, sometimes my lip, but I've realized I need to keep those pretty for my wife lol. Yet I seem to just focus more on my fingers now. It's always been pretty bad, it gets hard to handle anything small. For example, a simple task like adjusting my backpack is absolute HELL for me. I'm in the Army so sometimes of course I have to stand in formation, and I always have another soldier commenting, "Holy **** man, what did you do to your fingers!" I'd like to say that I'm relieved to know I'm not alone, but in fact I'm not. Because to know that other people suffer, worse than I do over this, is mind blowing. I will never say that my case is worse than the next persons. But I can admit, that I suffer enough from it to need help. Hence, my presence at these forums. I'm all for trying to help you, and accepting help from others. -Reece

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